about us


AKTIV AGRICULTURE FULLY AKTİF AGRICULTURAL MACHINERY INDUSTRY IMM.HRR.LTD.STI was founded in 1979 by Ethem HANAY in the Malazgirt district of Muş, in order to realize the production of 100% local agricultural machinery. Since its foundation, it has been incorporating new machinery manufacturing with high technology every year. Our company focuses on AGRE and continues to produce agricultural machinery that will perform best in difficult agricultural lands in line with the needs of individuals. The agricultural machinery we manufacture are exporting to domestic as well as abroad. Crop mowers and weed harvesting machines are mostly produced in our company in Malazgirt district, with a closed area of ​​15.000 m2. Our company located in Malazgirt has activities for domestic export. Again, our company manufactures in a total of 30.000 M2 closed area (double-moving meadow mower, meadow mower, Koble, Disc harrow, Fertilizer spreader, cultivator, rotovinator and weed collection harrow) in Konya. Our company, located in the province of Konya, mostly exports products abroad.